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Kiribati group & Banaba:

Today’s weather forecast for the Kiribati group and Banaba was issued at 0612am Saturday 20th April 2024 and valid until 6pm.


Situation: The Inter-tropical convergence zone remains over the northernmost of the Northern group, slowly moving westward with associated clouds affecting most parts of this region. Meanwhile, another convergence zone remains south of the Southern group and will affect most islands in this region.


Kiribati group:

Light to moderate southeasterly to northeasterly winds of 01-11kts.

Slight seas.


For Makin and Butaritari:

Today: Cloudy with occasional showers.

Tonight: Partly cloudy with light showers.


For Marakei, Abaiang, Tarawa and Maiana:

Today: Sunny apart from partly cloudy with brief showers.

Tonight: Partly cloudy with light showers.


 For Kuria, Aranuka and Abemama:

Today: Mostly sunny.

Tonight: Partly cloudy with light showers.


For Nonouti, Tabiteuea, Beru and Nikunau:

Today: Sunny apart from isolated brief showers.

Tonight: Mostly cloudy with moderate showers.


For Onotoa, Tamana & Arorae:

Today: Partly cloudy with light showers.

Tonight: Light to moderate showers.


For Banaba:

Calm to gentle easterly to northeasterly winds of 00-08kts.

Smooth to slight seas.

Today: Partly cloudy with brief showers.

Tonight: Fine.


Moon Phase:

4 days after the first quarter.


Tide Predictions:

High and Low Tides:









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