Swell Advisory 05:

A north-easterly swell advisory remains in force over the Northern Islands. The public is advised to take precautions to minimize threats.


Weather forecast issued from Kiribati Meteorological Service at 0500am Tuesday 07th December 2021 and valid to 6 pm for Kiribati group and Banaba.


Situation: The Intertropical Convergence zone situated over the Northern islands is slow-moving further north. Meanwhile, a trough of low pressure is situated south of the Southern group.


Kiribati group and Banaba:

Gentle to moderate northeasterly to easterly winds of 6-16kt.

Moderate seas.


Northern islands:

Today: Cloudy with morning light showers.
Tonight: Fine apart from brief showers.


Tarawa and Central islands:

Today: Cloudy with isolated brief showers.
Tonight: Cloudy with brief showers.


For Southern Islands:

Today: Cloudy with isolated brief showers.
Tonight: Cloudy
 with brief showers.


For Banaba Island:

Today: Cloudy.
Tonight: Mostly fine apart from brief showers.


Moon Phase:

3 days after New Moon.


Tide Predictions: High and Low Tides:

Hi Lo Hi
Time 0625am 1217pm 0641pm
Height (m) 2.33 0.98 2.69