Weather forecast for the Kiribati group and Banaba issued at 0530aThursday 15th of April 2021 and valid to 6ptonight.


Situation: A low pressure system lies southwest of Banaba stationary moving and may affect the island. Meanwhile, the Inter- Tropical Convergence Zone remains north of the Northern Islands.


For the Kiribati group and Banaba:

For the Northern islands:

Light to moderate northeasterly to southeasterly winds of 3-15kts. 

Slight to moderate seas 

TodayCloudy periods with intermittent light showers.


Tarawa, and Central islands:

Light southeasterly winds of 1-10kts.

Slight seas.

TodayPartly cloudy with isolated brief showers.
nightPartly cloudy with brief showers.


For the Southern islands and Banaba:

Light to gentle northeasterly to southeasterly winds of 1-10kts

Slight seas.

TodayPartly cloudy with isolated brief showers.
night:Cloudy periods.


For Banaba:

Light to gentle northeasterly winds of 1-10kts

Slight seas.

TodayCloudy with intermittent brief showers.
nightCloudy with brief showers.


Moon Phase:

3 days after New moon.


Tide Predictions: High and Low Tides:

     Lo    Hi    Lo
Time 12:10pm 06:10pm 12:09am
Height (m) 0.91 2.32 0.96