Climate Unit Product and Services

Climate main role and function under the Kiribati Met Service is to provide Climate Services from a Climatological Network that reports a 24-hour observation daily. Circulation of Seasonal Climate and Ocean Outlooks for three months on a monthly basis, producing and providing Climatological Information Summaries for flights planning purposes.

We also provide Annual Climate Summary for Kiribati that contributes to the World Meteorological Organization State of the Climate Report for the South West Pacific.

Climate Outlooks

Climate Outlooks features the prediction for rainfall, temperature, and El Nino Southern Oscillation (Major Climate Driver in Kiribati and the world) for a longer period of time of 3 or more months. This type of product is aimed at informing the public as well as main government key stakeholders of the climate conditions in three or more than three months’ time so they could make better decisions in the same timeframe planning. The product targets all nationals as well as main key government sectors. This is available in both Kiribati and English vernacular and is usually distributed via email, through arranged awareness program and meetings attended.


EAR Watch

EAR Watch is an Early Action Rainfall Watch, a product made to inform technical experts that deals with water stress. It provides rainfall status from past 3, 6, 12 and 24 months and gives outlook for 3 and 6 months ahead in time. It is also defining possible impacts related with key sectors especially with the shortage of rainwater.

Ocean Outlook

Ocean Outlook is another product developed to target Fisheries. It contains parameters on sea surface temperature, upwelling zone or the zone known to be nutrient rich, coral bleaching, seasonal sea level forecast that is not astronomical, could add to normal tide level and could create sea overtopping and inundation in low lying areas along coastlines in Kiribati. Last but not the least is the extreme spring tide level which give a month ahead information on the expectation on time and heights of the tide.

Aerodrome Climatology

Aerodrome Climatology is one of the Climate products that aims at providing Climatological Information Summaries on all measured parameters at the airport. These are mainly the Visibility, Cloud Base, Wind and Surface Temperature. This type of Meteorological Information is crucial for airlines plannings especially for pilots in their navigational efforts.

Annual Climate Summary

Annual Climate Summary is an annual report that summarizes all records from January to December and is issued early in the following year. This also reports on significant weather and climate events for each particular year as well as reporting on the observable weather event or impacts at that particular year too.

Kiribati Statement on Tropical Cyclone Season

Kiribati Statement on Tropical Cyclone Season follows the outcome of the Pacific Climate Outlook Forum where countries participating including Kiribati must develop their national tropical cyclone season statement to inform national authorities on this area for the likely impacts to be expected in such season. This also known as the “Auu-meang” season in Kiribati that starts from November and continues to April the following year (6-month period).